Can Dogs Eat Sausages? Should They Be Avoided?

Can dogs eat sausages or should they be avoided?

Yes, dogs can eat sausages, and it’s okay if it’s not often, or insignificant amounts.

If you want to give your dog sausages then better make them by yourself or buy ones that are plain, without any additional flavorings.

So, the answer to the question “Can dogs eat sausages?” is yes, but be very careful with the amount and let them be plain.

Can Dogs Eat Sausages? Are Sausages Safe For Dogs?

Sausages aren’t very healthy food for us, humans. We can have them but not often.


Because they are a high-calorie food, they contain so much fat, saturated fat, and salt.

There are many kinds of sausages with different flavorings but one piece of sausage is around 170 kcals. Yes, we, humans, should consume on average between 1800 and 2000 kcals a day, it’s not the same for dogs.

A dog that weighs like 15 kilograms needs only 640 to 800 kcals a day. And by giving a whole sausage, the calorie intake is shortened.

Your furry friend needs protein too, although the sausage contains meat, it doesn’t have much protein in it.


By processing the meat, and adding flavors the meat’s protein gets less and less than its raw form.

Harmful Aspects of Sausages

Dogs need some fat and salt in their diet. Small amounts, of course.

While one sausage has around 0.9 grams of salt and the maximum a dog can consume for the day is 200mg (for a 15kg dog). So, one sausage has more than 4 times the needed salt.

If your dog has problems with the heart, kidney, or liver, then it should take a very little amount of salt. It’s even better if the sodium intake is by healthy options, not like sausages.

Many sausage brands add also nutmeg which is very dangerous to dogs. Garlic Leeds and onions are also toxic for dogs. Read the label.

Don’t give sausage to your dog if anything from these is written on the label.

Are Sausages Carcinogens?

First, let’s get to know what means “carcinogens”.

A carcinogen is one of the reasons cancer is formed.

There are different types of carcinogens, but today we will discuss the carcinogens in food.

Sausages, hot dogs, and bacon are carcinogens. So, they can cause cancer. Make sure your dog doesn’t eat often processed red meat. That is a good way of trying to prevent your dog from this illness.

Cancer is common in humans and dogs. Dogs in old age actually get it too often. Although scientists still don’t know why.

Nutrients in Sausages

Source: USDA

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Already you know that sausages are high in sodium and fat, but let’s see the other nutrients, too.

Per 100 g there is 435 mg potassium(K) and 207 mg Phosphorus(P).


At the end of this article let’s see if dogs can eat sausages.

Yes, dogs can eat sausages, but just a few bites, not more.

It’s better for dogs’ health for sausages to not be part of their diet, only on rare occasions.

Read the label for the ingredients and be very cautious if your dog has some health issues.

Dog Treats Recipes

It’s time for some recipes that you can make at home for your dog. They are much better than the ones for humans in supermarkets. In this way, you can be fully sure what your dog eats.

1. Easy DIY Turkey Sausage Dehydrator Dog Treats



  1. Lay sausages out on dehydrator trays.
  2. Allow sausages to dry for 6 – 8 hours until they break crisply.
  3. Preheat your oven to 275F. Lay your dried sausages out on a cookie sheet. Allow the oven to come fully to temperature and then bake your chews for 10 minutes to kill off any harmful bacteria.
  4. Allow treats to cool completely before packaging or storing.

2. Homemade Sausages for Dogs

Facts For Sausages

  1.  The longest sausage was created in Romania at the end of 2014. It was a shocking 38.99 miles long.
  2. Sausages have been around for more than 5,000 years!
  3. There are more than 500 different recipes for sausages in the UK.
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