Can Dogs Eat Popcorn? Can I Feed my Dogs Popcorn?

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn?

Yes, dogs can definitely eat popcorn.

A dog’s diet is not that simple, and an overdose of anything is not right.

Dogs shall not be fed Popcorn as their only diet.

Being a dog lover, you might be worried about the popcorn/corn you eat.

Your most Frequently Asked Questions on the query: Can Dogs Eat Popcorn?

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn?

Yes, dogs can eat popcorn.

Popcorn should be plain and air-popped. The quantity should be moderate because an excess amount of popcorn may cause stomach upset.

The salts and fats present in popcorn may lead to obesity and dehydration.

What happens if my dog eats Popcorn?

The presence of fat and sodium found in popcorn can cause dehydration and can be resulted in extra weight gain in dogs.

Moreover, the uncooked and hard kernels can hurt the teeth of your dog. So while feeding your dog,  keep the quantity moderate.

Can Popcorn cause diarrhea in dogs?

Just like Soy, Wheat, and Dairy, corn can also cause uncomfortable conditions like inflammation, diarrhea, and gas. It may lead to digestive issues.

So, you should give your puppy only plain and air-popped popcorn as a light snack. This will keep your pet safe from stomach issues.

Is it safe to give popcorn to dogs?

Popcorn having butter or other toppings is not safe for your dog on daily basis, although eating a few dropped pieces here and there probably won’t hurt him.

One may experience obesity, some kidney issues and stomach upset like diarrhea in his dog. So while feeding your dog popcorn, try to avoid all these additives and an excess amount of popcorn. Keep the amount moderate.

Is microwave Popcorn safe for dogs?

No, microwave-cooked popcorn is not safe for dogs. It contains a lot of fats and sodium. So plain and air-popped corn in small quantities is an acceptable delight for your pooch.

Salts and fats can cause a threat to some canine cardiac patients.

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn? Can I Feed my Dogs Popcorn?

Scientifically Viewed: Can Dogs Eat Popcorn?

Before we call out food good or bad based on some already set traditions or some specific experiences, we need to check:

  1. How many nutrients does Popcorn contain, and;
  2. Does your dog even require nutrients from Popcorn? If YES, then,
  3. How much is it good for your dog(depending upon its weight and age)?

Let’s get to know Popcorn and dogs scientifically. This will help us get to know better about our query of Can Dogs Eat Popcorn?

Fruit Facts: What Nutrients are Contained in Popcorn? (per 100 g)

Source: USDA

Looking at the following Popcorn nutrition table, we notice that Popcorns are rich in carbohydrates and protein. Both of which are beneficial for your dog’s health. Additionally, it contains Fiber and Magnesium, Potassium, and a lot of energy.

Total Energy: 1620 KJ
Total Fat 4.54 g
Saturated fat 0 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 8 mg
Potassium 329 mg
Total Carbohydrate 77.8 g
Dietary fiber 14.5 g
Sugar 0.87 g
Protein 12.9 g
Vitamin D 0 mg Calcium 7 mg
Iron 3.19 mg Potassium 287 mg
Phosphorus 358 mg Zinc 146 KJ
Magnesium 144 mg

Dogs Nutritional Requirements: Can Dogs Eat Popcorn

View/Download the complete table

Nutritionally, dogs require more proteins and Popcorns are a good combination of Proteins combined with Carbohydrates and Fats.

So, a simple straight forward answer to:

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn? would be:

YES, definitely yes.

Health Benefits: Why Your Dog Should Eat Popcorn?

Popcorn can provide a lot of health boosters that are fruitful for your dog’s growth and health.

Among many minerals that can be found in popcorns include manganese, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorous can also boost dogs’ fiber along with many other vitamins.

Air-popped popcorn has very low calories and is high in fiber. If your pet is overweight, you should give it a small amount.

How to Feed a Dog Popcorn: Can Dogs Eat Popcorn

Plain and air-popped popcorns are recommended to feed to your dog as a light snack.

Additives like salt and butter should be avoided as they can cause dehydration and extra weight gain in your dog.

Upcoming are some recipes for your dogs later in this guide that you can serve as a treat.

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn? Can I Feed my Dogs Popcorn?

Why Your Dog Should Not Eat Popcorn?

The plain and air-popped popcorn in small amounts is not harmful to your dogs.

The popcorns served with a lot of butter and salts are highly dangerous for your pet.

Salts can cause dehydration and butter may help the dog in extra weight gain.

Dogs may experience obesity, some kidney issues and stomach upset like diarrhea in your dog.

So, while feeding your dogs with popcorn, please keep in mind these precautions.

Popcorn Recipes for Dogs

Now, we already have the answer to Can Dogs Eat Popcorn? 

That’s of course a Yes, but how to make them a delight for your dog?

1. Crunchy Munchy Popcorn Treats


  • 4 cups popcorn, unsalted;
  • 10 oz carob chips (this is not chocolate, no chocolate to be found here. Don’t even think about subbing in chocolate chips, unless only a human will be eating this recipe);
  • 1 cup crumbled bacon;
  • 1 cup peanut butter, unsalted and organic.


  1. Pour in popcorn and top with carob chips, bacon, and peanut butter in a large bowl.
  2. Slowly stir the mixture together until popcorn is evenly coated.
  3. Measure about 1 cup of full-size scoops into serving plates, and refrigerate until firm, about 30 minutes to an hour.
  4. Here it goes…your pet will enjoy it.
Can Dogs Eat Watermelon Popsicles

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2. Peanut Butters Poppers


  • 1 cup peanut butter;
  • 1/2 cup natural stovetop popcorn;
  • 1 tsp extra virgin olive oil;
  • 1/2 tsp of all-natural honey (optional).


  1. Let the popcorns pop in oil.
  2. Side by side, take peanut butter in a bowl as per your requirements.
  3. Add honey as per your taste. Ideally, 1 tbsp of honey is good for 3-5 tbsp of peanut butter.
  4. Add the fresh and hot popped popcorn to the bowl.
  5. Mix them!
  6. You can also season them with chocolate syrup.

Serve this delight to your dog!

Some Fun Facts about Popcorn:

  1. Popcorn is more than 5000 years old.
  2. Popcorn is a type of corn.
  3. Popcorn contains only 31 calories per serving for a whole cup. So it is a low-calorie snack to eat.
  4. It’s Allergen-Free.
  5. Popcorn can expand to 30 times its size when heated.
  6. January 19th is National Popcorn Day.
  7. Popcorn kernels can pop up to  3 feet in the air.

Unpopped popcorn should not be stored in the refrigerator because it will dry out the moisture in the kernels.

Moisture helps the popcorn pop when heated. The ideal place to keep the popcorn is a cool and dry cupboard.

I hope this guide helped you know about can dogs eat Popcorn or not.

The Can Dogs Eat Popcorn? guide contained all the scientific information along with answers to your frequently asked questions related to can dogs eat Popcorn and with some really nice recipes and fun facts, pros, and cons on the topic: can dogs eat Popcorn?

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