Desislava Asenova

Desislava Asenova

Desi is a dog-lover and proud parent to Daisy, her sweet and sassy Chihuahua. She's always been fascinated by the different diets and eating habits of different animals, and she's especially interested in how food affects a dog's overall health and happiness. When she's not busy writing about dog food, Desi enjoys pampering Daisy with long walks and playtime in the park. She's also an avid home cook and loves coming up with new recipes for her and Daisy to try out together. She's excited to share her passion for dog food and help other pet owners find the best food for their fur babies.

Can Dogs Eat Kimchi?

Can Dogs Eat Kimchi

Last few years kimchi is getting very popular around the world but that’s a side dish that is eaten daily in Korea. Have you tried kimchi? Are you eating it often? I was wondering whether can dogs eat kimchi. As…

Can Dogs Eat Noodles?

Can Dogs Eat Noodles

Are you a fan of noodles? Recently I was having them so often but for a long time didn’t have them so today while I was planning lunch I got the idea for this article too. Did you try giving…

Can Dogs Eat Hazelnuts?

Can Dogs Eat Hazelnuts

As a person who loves to eat nuts, I enjoy eating hazelnuts. My love for hazelnuts started in my childhood as we had a hazel tree in our garden and during autumn I loved to collect them and eat them.…

Can Dogs Eat Raisins?

Can Dogs Eat Raisins

Do you like raisins? I love them and I always associate them with Christmas, then we buy more of them so I can include them in the baklava that I make or in some other sweet baked goods. My nieces…

Can Dogs Eat Nectarines?

Can Dogs Eat Nectarines

I don’t about you but if I have to choose between peaches and nectarines, I will choose nectarines. And the reason for that is the fuzzy skin of the peach. I am not a fan of it but I still…

Can Dogs Eat Lemons?

Can Dogs Eat Lemons

I, as a person who loves lemons, can eat a lot of them just plain or with a bit of sugar. But mostly I love to put them in my tea. Hot tea with lemon in cold winters – it’s…

Can Dogs Eat Papaya?

Can Dogs Eat Papaya

As every other dog parent, you want to give your dog some of the fruit or vegetables you are having. That’s normal. We love to share our food with people we love and pets we love. Some of the fruits…

Can Dogs Eat Figs?

Can Dogs Eat Figs

Fig is an ancient fruit and has a lot of history attached to it due to which many communities find it very helpful in certain areas. Being rich in calcium and potassium, they are definitely great for bone health but…