Desislava Asenova

Desislava Asenova

Can Dogs Eat Macadamia Nuts?

can dogs eat macadamia nuts

If you think of making cookies with macadamia nuts, ensure your dog doesn’t have access to the nuts and any food that contains them. You will probably be like why? Can dogs eat macadamia nuts safely? It occurs that macadamia…

How to Choose Food for Puppies?

Food for puppies

Helloooo, new puppy owner! You are starting a great phase of your life with your new mini-friend. I am sure you are very excited and you have already started your research. The first and most important thing is what food…

20 Sick Dog Symptoms

Sick Dog Symptoms

“Is my dog sick?” is a question that unfortunately our dogs can’t answer. It’s important to notice the change in your pooch when they get ill. You must know that dogs don’t show any signs in the beginning when they…

What Are The Best Dewormers For Dogs?

Best Dewormers For Dogs

Most dogs will experience worm problems more than once in their whole lifetime. Worms in dogs are so often that it’s recommended by many vets around the world we, pet owners, give regularly deworming medicine to our pooches. Deworming is…

Dog Dewormers & Worm Medicine

Worm medicine

Almost every dog at least once in its lifetime has worms. Worms are so common that there is no reason for extra worry if they are found on time. There are two types of worm medicine: oral and injectable. Today,…