Desislava Asenova

Desislava Asenova

Desi is a dog-lover and proud parent to Daisy, her sweet and sassy Chihuahua. She's always been fascinated by the different diets and eating habits of different animals, and she's especially interested in how food affects a dog's overall health and happiness. When she's not busy writing about dog food, Desi enjoys pampering Daisy with long walks and playtime in the park. She's also an avid home cook and loves coming up with new recipes for her and Daisy to try out together. She's excited to share her passion for dog food and help other pet owners find the best food for their fur babies.

Can Puppies Eat Cat Food?

Can Puppies Eat Cat Food

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Can Puppies Eat Senior Dog Food?

Can Puppies Eat Senior Dog Food

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Can Senior Dogs Eat Puppy Food?

Can Senior Dogs Eat Puppy Food

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Can Dogs Eat Honeydew?

Can Dogs Eat Honeydew

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