Can Dogs Eat Beans? Best Foods for Dogs

Today, let us look at a new food group: beans. And ask ourselves, “Can dogs eat beans?

This one comes as a shock to many people.

And to tell you the truth, it did to me as well.


Well because you guessed it.

The answer is a stunning YES.

Can Dogs Eat Beans: What about Flatulence?

This right here was my primary concern when I came upon this answer. How can dogs eat beans when they are a known source of flatulence, even in humans?

Well, here’s how.

Beans do cause flatulence, yes. But only if they are fed in excess.

Or conversely, if they are the only food source your dog receives.

Can Dogs Eat Beans: Will my dog be at risk of developing GDV?

GDV or gastric dilation volvulus, better yet known by the term Bloat, is a condition whereby dogs develop a lot of gas in their stomach.

cute puppy

Instead of the gas getting released, as it would in humans, the stomach instead distends outwards and twists.

Understandably, this causes a lot of pain. And what’s

worse is that many dogs die as a result since the condition can progress very quickly.

Naturally, therefore, any pet owner would be concerned with such a food group as beans and legumes which, in our experience, can lead to gastric problems.


As we mentioned, this will only happen if you intend to make beans a very prominent part of your dog’s diet. And not if they are fed beans in moderation.

Can Dogs Eat Beans: How should beans be fed to dogs?

Can dogs eat beans?


But can they eat them in large proportions?


So, what’s the best way to give these to them?

According to most veterinarians, a dog should not be fed beans as more than 10 percent of their daily calorie intake.

Which, in simpler words, means that beans can either be served to your dog as a subpart of an overall different dish.

Or, in the form of treats.

Can Dogs Eat Beans: What health benefits would my dog get?


This is an important question.

And we’re glad you thought of it if you did.

Beans are a natural, healthy source of fiber and protein. In addition to this, they contain various minerals that your dog needs for healthy growth and development.

Some of these are as follows:

  • Iron;
  • Magnesium;
  • Calcium;
  • Phosphorous;
  • Folate.

Can Dogs Eat Beans: Should Beans Be a Regular Treat?

Well… this depends.

Treats, essentially, are given to dogs from time to time in order to guide their behavioral development.

Not all dogs are the same, however.

While some dogs might wag their tail at you and be really happy if they’re given beans as a treat, others might not.

Some still, might take a few and be glad but any more and they’ll lose interest.

The key here is knowing your dog and its preferences.

That being said, you should never give your dog unhealthy treats.

For starters, avoid sugary things or things high in fat content!

To make things easier for you, we do have a list of alternate treats on our site and would encourage you to check them out!

Cheese for Dogs

Jerky Dog Treats

Can Dogs Eat Beans: What Kind of Beans Can Dogs Eat?

Gladly, the answer to ‘Can Dogs Eat Beans?’ is a yes, for pretty much all types of beans.

These include black beans, kidney beans, lima beans, garbanzo, etc.

So, next time you go shopping, bring home any of these with a clear conscience and without the need to worry!

Can Dogs Eat Beans: How Should I Prepare Beans for my Dog?


The way you would for yourself!

Dogs or any other species will have a very hard time digesting raw beans. This is because the outer covering is very hard to protect the bean from insect attack during growth. And it will only peel off if the beans have been properly cooked.


But while the beans need to be properly cooked for them to become digestible, we would ask you to be wary of adding additional ingredients like salt, pepper, onions, or any sauces you might otherwise prefer to have with them.

Ingredients such as these can be a source of a lot of salt for dogs. And most pet owners know that a lot of salt can lead to dogs developing a condition known as hypernatremia* or salt poisoning.

Can Dogs Eat Beans: Recipe Guide


  • Beef: 2 ½ lbs;
  • Brown rice: 1 ½ cups;
  • Kidney Beans: 1 can (unsalted);
  • Chopped Butternut Squash: ½ cup;
  • Frozen peas: 1 cup;
  • Chopped Carrots: ½ cup;
  • Water: 4 large cups.


  1. Add all the ingredients to a pressure cooker (or alternate of your choice).
  2. Next, add the water and give the mixture a little stir.
  3. Finally, put the lid on and leave them to cook for five to six hours.

Pro Tip: If you’re using normal beans, try soaking them in hot water for a few hours before cooking to prepare the meal faster!

Video Guide:

Can Dogs Eat Beans: Fun Facts about Beans

  • Beans are high in fiber and really nutritious for both people and dogs;
  • Green beans are not beans but a type of vegetable;
  • Hummus is actually made from garbanzo beans!


Can I feed raw beans to my dogs?

No. Raw beans are not digestible.

Do beans always need to be soaked before cooking?

Not really. But it does make the process easier!

What if I think beans are making my dog sick?

Then we suggest a visit to the vet. The root cause here might not be the beans themselves but the proportions in which they were fed. But consultation with the vet should be your top priority if you think your dog is having an adverse reaction.

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