Can Dogs Eat Oatmeal? Top Healthy Diets

Can dogs eat oatmeal?


But just like any other human food, the amount they should be given must be controlled.

Can Dogs Eat Oatmeal: Does oatmeal cause digestion problems?


In fact, it is quite the contrary. Not only can dogs eat oatmeal, but the amazing thing is that eating it will actually prevent irregular bowel movements.

The way this happens is that oatmeal, unlike other sources of carbohydrates, contains a soluble fiber that can regulate the digestive system rather well.

Can Dogs Eat Oatmeal: Benefits of oatmeal

From a nutritional perspective, oatmeal is loaded with beneficial nutrients. These include antioxidants such as avenanthramides which research suggests can be good for dogs for various reasons.

Additionally, it contains different minerals and vitamins.

Vitamin B, in particular, can help your dog maintain a healthy, shiny coat.

Similarly, healthy fatty acids present in oatmeal such as omega-6 are essential to ensuring that a dog’s skin remains healthy overall.

Can Dogs Eat Oatmeal: Potential Side Effects

Oatmeal can be good for your canine friend.

But if you’re thinking of feeding it to your dog in large amounts, every single day- say, a bowl full, just like you would for a human friend, then please stop.

Just because we human beings can digest considerably large amounts of porridge every day, doesn’t mean our pets can too.

People’s foods such as oatmeal, rice, etc., are only good for your dog if fed to them in moderation.

Why? – You will ask.

Well, it’s quite simple really.

Dogs are primarily carnivorous by nature.

Human beings are omnivores.

So, a few carbohydrates might be good for them but if you’re asking, “Can dogs eat oatmeal in the same proportions I can?”

Then the answer is a big NO.

Can Dogs Eat Oatmeal: What happens if dogs are fed excess amounts?

Having a lot of oatmeal can lead to your dog developing gastrointestinal problems.

While in humans this is a common occurrence with such diets and is of no concern, when it comes to dogs, the condition can quickly progress.

The next stage (quite often terminal) is Bloat.

Other problems may include diarrhea, vomiting, and other things related to an upset stomach.

Can Dogs Eat Oatmeal: How often should it be fed?

According to American Kennel Club, dogs may be fed up to one tablespoon of cooked oatmeal for every 20 pounds of their weight.

This means that feeding them about half a cup of cooked oatmeal once or twice a week is plenty.

If you don’t like the idea of serving them a large quantity all at once, then perhaps, you could take another approach still.

One of these alternate feeding strategies includes giving them a tablespoon each morning, along with their favorite breakfast!

Can Dogs Eat Oatmeal: Preparing it the way dogs like it

Happy Dog

To be fair, it’s more about their safety rather than preference.

While your dog may love to hunt for sweet treats in your purse every now and then, letting them have them is NOT AN OPTION!

This holds true, especially for artificial sweeteners such as xylitol and chocolate.

Adding in any additives such as berries or peanut butter etc. will also be good for dogs if you are in the mood to add some sweetness.

The best possible way to prepare oats for your dog is by cooking them with plain water.

Try avoiding any milk as well since dogs are very sensitive when it comes to lactose-rich diets.

While little puppies are fond of their mother’s milk, as dogs grow old, their digestive system’s ability to break down and digest lactose decreases exponentially.

Can Dogs Eat Oatmeal: Oatmeal Recipe Guide


  • Water- 2 cups;
  • Oatmeal- ½ cup.


  1. Add the water to a pan and allow it to boil.
  2. Next, add the oats and allow them to cook.
  3. Stir periodically to prevent sticking to the bottom or burning.
  4. When the oatmeal begins to soften, lower the heat and let them cook for a few minutes.
  5. Once done, set them aside for about twenty to thirty minutes to cool down to room temperature.
  6. And finally, serve!

Caution: Never feed your dog anything right off the stove or oven since this can lead to burns inside the mouth!

Video Guide:

Can Dogs Eat Oatmeal: Fun Facts about Oatmeal

  • Oatmeal primarily consists of fiber but also includes a lot of additional nutrients that are good for both dogs and humans.
  • It fights inflammation and is therefore good for the digestive system.
  • It can reduce health risks like high cholesterol, and unregulated blood pressure and even decrease the risk of getting cancer.


Can dogs eat oatmeal with other foods?

Yes. But the diet should be balanced and not include any more carbs since oatmeal is already a source of them.

Should dogs eat oatmeal regularly?

Only give them half a cup per week ideally.

What if my dog gets sick after eating oats?

Take them to the vet immediately! They might have a GI problem coming up!

Can dogs eat raw oatmeal?

No. The oats should always be cooked.

Can dogs eat oatmeal if it’s processed(instant oatmeal)?

They can. But they shouldn’t. Processed foods in general should be avoided.

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