Aabbish Dua

Aabbish Dua

Can Dogs Eat Peanuts? Best Dog Treats

can dogs eat peanuts

With the winter season around, many dog owners wonder: ‘Can dogs eat peanuts?’ For the most part, peanuts are a delicious little winter snack. Not only do we love eating them in their raw form, but also love adding these…

Can dogs eat Almonds? Dangerous Treats

can dogs eat almonds

Can dogs eat almonds? The short answer to this is well, no. We, humans, love almonds. Especially in the wintertime when almonds are pretty much at their peak in terms of demand, along with other types of dried fruits and…

Can Dogs Eat Nuts? Dangerous Dog Treats

can dogs eat nuts

Can dogs eat nuts? Yes…and…no? The answer is complicated. And that is because there isn’t just one type of nut out there. Regardless of the complexity of the question, that’s the whole reason for this blog. We’re here to help…